My Best Engineering Advice Ever

Life gives us teachable moments on a regular basis. The same may be said about advice, whether given or received.

One piece of sage wisdom given to me way back when, helped me as an engineer and continues to do so even now in my role as Diba’s U.S. National Sales Manager: look to specialists such as Diba Industries, when your project design hits a sticking point or even when you need an additional perspective on a project.

By way of example, discussions I’ve had with engineers designing inline heaters into IVD instruments have revolved around heater performance. Although there are many things to be considered when designing an inline fluid heater, give special consideration to fluid volume, flow rate, size, power, watt density, sensor location and materials. These are just some of the things that can affect the performance of a heater for an IVD application, and are ones that Diba application engineers consider when delivering a custom solution for our customers.

So, take my “best engineering advice ever,” and call on Diba Industries to help you design the ideal fluid handling system to meet the accuracy, performance and cost parameters of your IVD instrument. You might be happy that you did.

What was your best engineering advice you’ve ever given or received? Please share that advice with other readers.

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