About Diba

logo for Word DocumentsDiba Industries, Inc. was founded in 1986 in Mahopac, NY; but our roots in fluidics design go back to the Research and Advanced System Development Groups at Technicon Instruments Corporation in the early 1960’s. Diba initially produced complete inert fluid transfer subassemblies, specialty components and tubing assemblies for the diagnostics marketplace. Diba moved to Danbury, CT in 1994 and was acquired by Halma PLC in 2004.

Since 2004 Diba has concentrated on expanding our product offerings through innovation and acquisition. For example, In 2006 we launched the first Click-N-Seal® fitting, which has now grown to include an entire line of fittings in a range of sizes and polymers We have expandied our global presence in Europe with the acquisition of the Omnifit facility in Cambridge, UK and in Asia with the development of Halma Fluid Technology Shanghai (HFT).



Halma’s origins began in Asia in 1894. As The Nahalma Tea Estate Company Limited, it operated in Ceylon (renamed Sri Lanka in 1972). The company later switched to rubber production and in 1937 became the Nahalma Rubber Estate Company Limited.

During the 1950s the Sri-Lankan government nationalized many of the island’s businesses, including the rubber industry. In 1956 the Nahalma Rubber Estate Company Limited became Halma Investments Limited. The company ended its connections with rubber and its role changed to an investment management and industrial holding company.

Halma was listed on the London Stock Exchange in January 1972 and became a publicly-traded company. A series of acquisitions was made of engineering companies and successful management generated strong organic growth. This created the basis for the international manufacturing group that Halma is today. The company changed its name to Halma Limited in 1973 and registered as a public limited company in 1981, becoming Halma PLC.

Halma has grown to be an established FTSE 250 business and currently comprises about 45 subsidiary companies operating worldwide. Halma makes products for hazard detection and life protection and is a market leader in specialist electronic, safety and environmental technologies. The Group continues to grow through organic expansion and acquisition.

As a member of the Halma group of companies, Diba has the stability of a large company and the responsiveness of a small one.


Diba is part of Halma’s Fluid Technology Group. Please visit Halma’s other Fluid Technology companies, such as BioChem Fluidics, to find out more about what they do and how they can help your business today.


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