OEM Partnership Promise

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Diba’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO-9001:2008. This registration covers the Quality Management System for design and/or manufacture of fluid handling components and assemblies for wet chemistry analytical instrument manufacturers, including medical diagnostic instrument manufacturers. In addition, Diba Ltd. In Cambridge UK is certified to ISO 14001 and 18001 standards for environmental responsibility and safety, respectively. First Article and In-Process inspections as well as documented traceability are available.

From Diba’s Quality Manual: “The quality management system is an integral part of all the corporation’s management and production processes. It is not a separate element or function; each and every aspect of the day-to-day operations of the corporation shall be conducted in accordance with the quality policies contained in this manual. It is designed to integrate human, technical and material resources in a manner that results in optimum production consistent with the highest possible quality standards.”


Diba offers kanban and other inventory management programs to minimize lead time, ensure ready supply of components, and help OEMS operate just-in-time materials schemes.

Design Services & Rapid Prototyping

Diba boasts a team of experienced application engineers who create unique solutions for troublesome fluid handling challenges. Application support is available to review mechanical, chemical and electrical specifications and customize Diba core capabilities and technologies for specific instrument needs. Dedicated sample technicians facilitate rapid prototyping of both tubing assemblies and stainless steel product offerings such as probes.

Account Teams

Each OEM is supported by a cross-functional account team including a customer service representative, application engineer, quality designate, account manager and an actively engaged executive team to commit the resources of the organization as necessary to overcome customer challenges.