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Click-N-Seal® Drawings

Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal® fittings are the only multi-use finger-tight fittings that cannot be over-tightened. The Click-N-Seal® family of connectors are available in polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene (POM) and PEEK and accommodate flares, ferrules and barbs. In addition, the PEEK Click-N-Seal® Ultra fittings are compatible with both flat bottom and HPLC cone-tip ports, with pressure rating up to 2500 psi (180 bar).

Click-N-Seal® offers a unique system for hand-tight fittings. As the fitting is tightened, the resistance of the cap increases until the correct torque is reached at which point the cap clicks. The user is able to hand-tighten the fittings without tools or guesswork and be confident that the fitting is properly seated, creating a secure seal without damaging the port through over-tightening. The fitting can be unscrewed and reused dozens of times.

Click-N-Seal® Plus offers a compact head design made of POM. Click-N-Seal® Ultra offers a compact head design and PEEK™ construction for the highest standard of chemical inertness.

Click-N-Seal® fittings – Standard, Plus and Ultra are compatible with Diba flares, any of the ferrule types, or with inverted cones. Simply select the ferrule system that offers the pressure rating you require and then pair the appropriate ferrule with a Click-N-Seal®, Click-N-Seal® Plus or Click-N-Seal® Ultra fitting.


Click-N-Seal® Standard Length (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Standard Length - DB200-12714-XX


Click-N-Seal® Standard Length - DB200-12715-XX


Click-N-Seal® Standard IB-093 (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Standard - IB-093 - DB200-13125-XX


Click-N-Seal® Standard IB-093 - DB200-14097-XX


Click-N-Seal® Medium Length (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Medium Length - DB200-12949-XX


Click-N-Seal® Medium Length - DB200-12951-XX


Click-N-Seal® Medium Length - DB200-12953-XX


Click-N-Seal® Medium Length - DB200-13371-XX


Click-N-Seal® Ultra  (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Ultra, 1/4-28, PEEK, for flared tubing .075 to .100 OD, natural color - DB200-13204-01


Click-N-Seal® Ultra, PEEK, for Flared Tubing up to 0.74 OD, natural color – DB200-13206-01 (Available upon request)


Click-N-Seal® Ultra, 1/4-28, .077BR, natural color - DB200-13201-01


Click-N-Seal® Ultra, Male MicroBarb®- DB200-15146


Click-N-Seal® Ultra IB-093 (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Ultra - IB-093 - DB200-13197-01


Click-N-Seal® Ultra IB-140 (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Ultra - IB-140 - DB200-13197-01


Click-N-Seal® Plus Acetal (STEP files)

Click-N-Seal® Plus, Acetal - DB200-14400-03


Click-N-Seal® Plus, Acetal - DB200-14402-03


Click-N-Seal® Plus, Acetal - DB200-14404-03