Thermoformed Tubing Simplifies Routing Within IVD Instruments

Posted on March 23, 2017

Today’s diagnostic machines are doing more and becoming increasingly more sophisticated with each instrument release. Due to ongoing technological advances, the range and complexity of diagnostic tests continues to increase. This has made lab tests more sensitive, precise and fast.

However, these better diagnostic instruments aren’t without a downside. From a design perspective, this downside comes in the form of more hardware and components packed into smaller spaces inside the instruments. This makes the fluid pathways difficult to plumb and a challenge to service.

Tight spaces in analytical instruments can put regular tubing at risk of damage from being pinched or worn prematurely by moving parts. But with a thermoformed tubing solution, solving complex routing in tough-to-reach places inside a diagnostic instrument becomes much simpler.

Thermoforming provides shape to the tubing to keep it intact and out of harm’s way inside the instrument. Thermoforming can prevent kinks and deformations caused by moving gantries, closing doors, and other moving parts. Additionally, thermoforming helps design engineers save space within an instrument as the improved bend radius allows for tighter transitions between fluidic connections and economizes volumetric requirements. Further, thermoformed bends assist speed of assembly and minimize damage during installation while maintaining the circular cross-section of the tube throughout the bend.

More Art Than Science

Thermoformed tubing assemblies from Diba’s engineering team can be custom-designed with precision bends and coils that fit neatly inside an instrument, preventing kinking and improper installation for problem-free processing. These assemblies can be custom-labeled and packaged and come in a variety of tubing materials (FEP, PTFE, PFA, ETFE, PVC, LDPE, PVDF, TPU, and PEEK) to speed instrument build cycle and field service times.

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