OEM Custom Fluidics

Diba is known for supporting engineers during the design phase of an OEM instrument.  Call on Diba and experience:

  • collaboration with experienced fluidics engineers
  • rapid prototyping
  • wide range of in-house capabilities
  • full documentation support through our ISO 9001 QMS system
  • real-time transition to manufacturing when design phase is complete
  • manufacturing at company plants in US, Europe or Asia


Whether preventing particulates from causing damage to expensive valves, or keeping samples pure before they are measured, Diba filter products help protect and improve the flow path of your fluid handling system. Our customizable filters can typically remove a range of particulate sizes from 5µ up to 250µ, and are available in a variety of materials to suit your chemical compatibility and cost-efficiency needs.

Diba Filters Product Overview Sheet


Diba manufactures custom precision probes for the most demanding micro-fluidic applications. Every Diba probe is designed per customer’s specifications, and many probes include level sensing and fluid heating capabilities. Other custom capabilities include stainless steel, alloys and non metallic tubing, laser welding, custom tips, thermoforming, venting, FEP-lining and specialty surface finishes including Diba’s exclusive DP3® polishing process.

Diba also offers standard probes which are ideal for scientists and engineers who value high-quality, quick turnaround components that can speed up the design phase of their projects and shorten the lead times associated with manufacturing custom probes. The three versions of standard probes are made of 316 stainless steel with 200 microliter internal volume capacity and are capable of reaching the bottom of most sample tubes.

Diba Standard Probes Product Overview Sheet



Level Sensing

1Diba probes can be used for level sensing via capacitive measurements with a “probe-within-a-probe” design.  A thin parylene coating enables the outer probe to detect liquid level in the cuvette while the inner probe performs aspirate and dispense functions.  Diba also offers level sensing for reagent and waste bottles.  Our new HydroPLUS™ offers continuous level sensing via a differential pressure gauge mounted in the bottle cap.  Other options including capacitive or float switches for simple full/empty measurements.

Diba HydroPLUS Specifications Chart

Diba HydroPLUS™ Product Overview Sheet



Diba Industries designs and manufactures custom precision fluid heaters with chemically inert fluid paths.

Fluid heaters generally fall into two categories:

Reservoir, where the fluid incubates for a certain period of time up to a specific temperature, and Continuous, where the fluid is heated to a specific temperature over a constant flow rate.

Diba Fluid Heater Product Overview Sheet


Tubing Assemblies

Custom Tubing Assemblies

Diba Industries manufacturers more than 5,000 unique tubing assemblies annually, each designed per customer specification. These tubing assemblies generally fall into two categories: precision, chemically inert tubing assemblies for the sample side of an instrument, and soft tubing assemblies for the wash & waste side of an instrument.

These tubing assemblies usually carry multiple sample and reagent fluids. In most cases, precision tubing assemblies must be chemically inert and properly designed to avoid dead volume areas in the flow path. Dead volume leads to carryover, due to residual material in the flow path that carries over to the next test sample. Any carry-over reduces the accuracy of test samples.

Standard Tubing Assemblies

Diba now offers standard tubing assemblies in stock, ideal for OEMs and engineers interested in high quality, quick-turnaround components to accelerate the design phase of projects. The standard tubing assemblies feature Diba’s proprietary flared ends to minimize dead volume and Click-N-Seal® fittings for secure, torque-adjusted connections every time. By using Diba standard tubing assemblies, you can:

  • Accelerate bread boarding or prototyping
  • Eliminate the lead time normally required for custom assemblies
  • Reduce the cost of custom parts in small quantities
  • Eliminate the risk of over- or under-torquing the fitting
  • Ensure quality connections throughout the design phase

How To Choose The Right Tubing

Diba Standard Tubing Assemblies Product Overview Sheet



Labeling & Print-on Tubing

Heat shrink is typically the easiest and most affordable way to label hard polymer tubing. In addition, Diba has the capability to laser etch text on semi-rigid plastic tubes such as PTFE, FEP, and LDPE. The text is permanent and can be used when heatshrink or simple wire type labels cannot withstand harsh environments where this tubing is used. It is also used when the end user must be able to see through tubing to ensure sample /fluid transfer is free of air bubbles. Diba can also print on soft plastic tubing such as Tygon, PVC or silicone using an ink-jet printer.


Many customers ask Diba to package a set of tubing assemblies for ease in manufacturing or for service packs. Let us manage your large list of components with one part number – a kitted set or completed subassembly.


Tight spaces in analytical instruments can often make it difficult to maintain consistent fluid paths in regular tubing. Thermoformed tubing assemblies from Diba Industries can be custom designed with precision bends and coils that fit neatly into instruments, preventing kinking and improper installation for problem-free processing. Available tubing materials include FEP, PTFE, PFA, ETFE, PVC, LDPE, PVDF, TPU, and PEEK. Assemblies can be custom labeled and packaged, with nine distinct fitting colors available, to speed instrument build cycle and field service times. Diba’s technical staff is available to assist in specifying configurations suited to any application. Thermoformed coils take up the slack on moveable arms. The tubing design creates a one way fit, ensuring that assemblies can only be installed in the correct direction.


Diba offers precision microfluidic manifolds in acrylic or ultem with single- or multi-layer construction through our Connecticut-based manifold division. Our diffusion and solvent bonded manifolds can improve reliability, facilitate manufacturing and improve fluid handling design in OEM equipment with tight space requirements. Custom manifolds can be delivered as fully integrated, tested subassemblies including pumps, valves and tubing assemblies. Diba also offers precision CNC-milled and CNC-turned components in a range of polymers including PEEK, PTFE, Acetal, Delrin, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate and many more.

Diba’s fluid intelligence expertise extends to the design, manufacture and testing for the most complicated thermoplastic assemblies on applications ranging from sample preparation components to fully integrated precision fluidic manifolds.  Our internal engineering resources have worked on the most challenging designs where we add value to our customer’s final product through innovation and cost reduction initiatives.

Manifold Capabilities

Manifold Products & Components



Diba offers custom syringes for precision fluid dispensing applications. Diba has decades of experience working with borosilicate glass and machining of high precision PTFE end pieces through the Omnifit Labware chromatography columns. Contact Diba with your specifications for a custom quote.

Bottle Caps

Diba Industries offers customized versions of the Omnifit Labware solvent safety bottle caps for unique OEM applications.  Products include swiveling cap inserts with integrated ports that allow the cap to be removed without disconnecting any fluid lines. Many bottle assemblies also incorporate level sensing capabilities.  Typical sizes include caps for GL38, GL45 and 53B sizes in specified colors.