microbarb 2aMicroBarb® provides a secure, low-carryover connection between flexible soft tubing and semi-rigid tubing. Two components ensure that the both the ID and OD of the soft tubing are firmly gripped, ensuring a secure connection. The barbed component fits inside the tube ID and creates a flat surface for connection. The threaded outer connector slips over the tubing OD and secures the barb in place, creating a female threaded flat-bottom port. 

PEEK™ construction gives a chemically inert and robust connection. Simply locate the tube ID and OD in the table below to identify the MicroBarb® part number for your application. For special tubing sizes, please call the factory to see if we have a Microbarb® combination to suit your needs.

MicroBarb® connections are also sized for common peristaltic pump tube sizes. These tubes use color-coded stops to indicate the size and type of tube.