Posted on October 3, 2014

The Dibafit™ Gripper fitting system uses a one-piece ferrule which fits permanently onto the outside of semi-rigid tubing. Ferrules have an inner PTFE sealing face ensuring that only PTFE is in the fluid path. The outer casing is stainless steel or PEEK™. The fitting can spin freely, eliminating tubing twist and allowing easy repeat connect/disconnect. The system is pressure rated up to 1000 psi (69 bar).

A range of different colored polypropylene fittings are available to connect 1/16″ or 1/8″ OD tubing into ¼”-28 UNF flat-bottom ports. Mixed color packs include all 10 colors for easy line identification. PEEK™ fittings for use in higher temperatures are available in standard or compact head styles and with ¼”-28 UNF, M6 or 10-32 threads.

An ETFE blanking plug with a PTFE sealing face is available to seal unused ports. These blanking plugs can be used in any flat-bottom 1/4″-28 UNF port.