Microfluidics Connections

Posted on October 2, 2014

Click-N-Seal® Micro 6-40 Fitting for Microfluidic Applications

The Diba Click-N-Seal® Micro 6-40 fitting, ferrule and flare solutions quickly and easily connect 1/16″ tube into 6-40 threaded ports, making them ideal for systems that require smaller fluid connections. They ensure leak-free connections without risk of over- tightening.

•For microfluidics applications

•PEEK™ construction

•Pressure rating up to 50 psi (3 bar)

•Retains 1/16” OD tubing

The same torque-release fitting you have known and loved for ¼-28 fittings is now available in 6-40 fittings for microfluidics appilcations. As the fitting is tightened, the resistance of the cap increases until the correct torque is reached, at which point, the cap clicks.

Diba 6-40 Click-N-Seal® Micro Ordering Chart

Diba 6-40 Click-N-Seal® Micro Product Overview Sheet


6-40 10

6-40 Regular Fittings

The Diba 6-40 fitting and ferrule solutions for quick and easy connection of 1/16″ tube into a 6-40 threaded port.

•For microfluidics applications

•Pressure rating up to 500 psi (34 bar)

•PEEK™ ferrule insert and 316 stainless steel case

•PEEK™ 6-40 threaded fitting