Omnifit® Labware

For nearly 40 years, Omnifit® has been a trusted name for quality chromatography lab products.

Omnifit® Labware Glass Chromatography Columns

Omnifit® Labware columns offer the maximum performance for low-to mid-pressure liquid chromatography or flow chemistry applications. Simple to assemble, pack and operate, Omnifit columns are available in range of prep sizes from less than 1 ml (5mm) up to 940 ml (50mm). Our product types offer the highest pressure ratings, chemical compatibilities and temperature ratings on the market.

EZ columns are designed to suit the majority of standard laboratory chromatography applications. They are ideal for aqueous systems and compatible with solvents used in common liquid chromatography applications such as protein purification.

SolventPlus columns are designed for maximum chemical compatibility. With borosilicate glass and PTFE construction, using Chemraz O-rings and PTFE frits, only the most inert materials are present in the fluid path. ETFE end caps and fitting nuts ensure a chemically inert connection into and out of the system.

To view our complete line of chromatography column offerings, please view our Diba Omnifit EZ Columns Technical Brochure  and Omnifit Labware Catalog.

Omnifit® Labware Solvent Safety Bottle Caps

Open solvent bottles can allow harmful solvent vapors to escape and chemicals to be spilled. Omnifit® Labware bottle caps and accessories prevent these problems and give you the security of a safe and dependable solvent delivery system. Caps can be used on the supply side to provide closed delivery systems for safe supply of solvents, or on the waste side. An optional check valve and filter enables pressure equalization and prevents contamination.

Omnifit® Labware bottle caps feature an anti-twist design, allowing the inner body to spin freely within the cap. This allows the cap to be unscrewed without disconnecting the fluid lines, or having them twisted in the process. The inner body is made from PTFE for chemical inertness and sealing without extra seals or O-rings.

To view our complete line of Solvent Bottle Cap offerings, please view our Omnifit Labware Catalog.


Omnifit® Labware Connectors, Adapters & Valves

Connectors & Adaptors

These versatile connectors can be used for flow-splitting, mixing and fluid line interconnection and have PTFE bodies. The compression style seals of either FKM rubber or PTFE allow rigid tubing between 0.5 and 11mm OD to be quickly and easily connected. Suitable tubing is PTFE, glass, PVC, stainless steel or other hardwall materials. The blue connector “cap” can also accept ¼”-28 fittings for further connection options like the barbed adaptors for softwall tubes. Standard versions are supplied with PTFE cones for 1/16” OD tube and a 1.5mm bore PTFE body, while small bore versions come with PTFE cones for 0.8mm OD tube and a 0.8mm bore PTFE body. Various other PTFE cones are available separately allowing tubes of other sizes to be connected. These products are pressure rated to 50psi.

Further versions of these connectors and adaptors are also available fitted with a valve to allow further control of fluid flow.

Manual Rotary Valves with “Cap” Connectors

The valves are supplied with the versatile “cap” connection system allowing tubing with 0.5 to 4mm OD to be connected quickly and easily. A variety of flow configurations for sampling, flow-splitting, mixing and fluid line interconnection are available in 4 or 5 port versions. Valves have an inert PTFE body and PCTFE rotor with a 1.5mm bore and are pressure rated to 50 psi.

High Pressure Rotary Valves

These valves are supplied with ¼”-28 threaded ports to allow easy connection of any of our fittings, barbed adaptors or connectors with the corresponding thread. The ports are re-enforced with stainless steel thread inserts to ensure repeated connections with a reliable and robust seal. The valves have PTFE bodies and PCTFE rotors with a 0.8mm bore and are available in 4 or 5 port versions giving many possibilities for fluid control.

Adaptors for Labware Connectors

¼”-28 Adaptors – These adaptors can replace the Omnifit® cap to give either quick push-on connections for softwall tubing or luer connections. Cap to luer adaptors are available with male or female luer connections. Cap to pipe adapters are available in ETFE or stainless steel to take softwall tubing of the corresponding inner diameter in three sizes: 1/4″ OD, 1/8″ OD and 1/16″ OD.
Omnifit Cap Adaptors – These adaptors will fit into 1/4’’-28 UNF flat bottom ports in most Omnifit connectors and valves. The ETFE 1/4″-28 UNF male thread adaptors provide a quick, push-on connection for softwall tubing. Adaptors to male and female luer connections are available, as are adaptors to ETFE or stainless steel pipe. The 1/4″-28 UNF male thread glass adaptors fit into any 1/4’’- 28 UNF flat bottom ports and are suitable for flame fusing onto other glassware.
Threaded Couplings – Omnifit threaded couplings accept a 1/4″-28 UNF male fitting at one end and convert this to a range of male and female thread types including: 1/4″-28 UNF female and 10-32 female.
To view our complete line of connectors, adapters and valves offerings, please view our Omnifit Labware Catalog.

Omnifit® Labware Filters & Bubble Traps

009SFB DIMThese PTFE filters protect downstream instruments from particulate damage and offer a high purity flow path. There are versions with 1/4″-28 UNF ports to take fittings such as the Omni-Lok or barbed fittings for softwall tubing. A version is available with the Omnifit “cap type” connectors, suitable for hardwall tubing up to 4mm OD and for use inside bottles.
006BTThe Omnifit® Labware Bubble Trap connects in-line to provide an effective, time-saving and cost-efficient method of bubble removal upstream of sensitive detectors. If gas bubbles are formed in-line, or your pump delivers air instead of liquid, the resulting bubbles will be removed completely by the trap, the outlet flow will stop and your device will remain protected. The unit is quickly and easily connected in-line using the 1/4″-28 UNF female threaded ports and fittings such as Omni-Lok™.  Spare membranes are available and can be replaced quickly and easily.To view our complete line of filters, check valves and bubble trap offerings, please view the Omnifit Labware Catalog.