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assembly 2New Probe Manufacturing Eliminates Problems Related to Coring

While refining the Trinity Biotech Premier Hb9210™, a market leading diagnostic instrument for measuring HbA1c, Trinity R&D engineers uncovered a potential problem with the piercing probe at the point of sample aspiration. Although the instrument’s probe functioned as required, coring often occurred as it pierced the caps of sample test tubes, creating tiny bits of rubber which could lead to blockages in the machine and unscheduled field service calls. Trinity Biotech turned to Diba Industries, Inc. to investigate possible improvements in probe manufacturing.


How Diba Helped:
Diba engineered a solution and improved the probe by smoothing the finish to the side-hole port without changing the basic design. Trinity Biotech tested the new Diba probe and found it reduced coring by more than 50%.


With the introduction of the new probe for the Premier Hb9210™, service calls and instrument downtime are minimized and overall instrument reliability is improved. Working with solution partners like Diba, Trinity Biotech ensures that their flagship HPLC instrument is constantly evolving to meet the diagnostic needs of hospitals and other caregivers.

“This is our strength, working closely with OEMs to solve difficult fluid handling challenges that improve performance and reliability.” – Gary Helstern, VP Engineering, Diba


HB9210 is a registered trademark of Trinity Biotech.