Every Blood Sample Is A Life

Posted on June 7, 2017

Proprietary Probe Technology Helps Reduce Sample Cross-Contamination

We are often asked about the importance of our proprietary probe technologies that help to minimize cross-contamination from one test sample to the next. Our exclusive probe polishing process reduces ID roughness by a factor of 2 to 4 and improves wash characteristics enabling earlier and more accurate diagnostic testing of serious diseases.

Perhaps a short, memorable example serves best, especially when describing the importance of reducing sample cross-contamination that could potentially lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

Imagine an e-mail intended for your boss is sent to a customer instead. That’s not the desired outcome and is embarrassing to all involved. Hopefully, it is little more than an inconvenience. Similar to the content within the misaddressed e-mail, a patient’s details, their blood sample and their diagnostic blood test must be cleanly handled to achieve an accurate outcome. Thus, preventing diagnostic errors, whether human- or instrument-induced, now becomes a more urgent priority, especially when they could affect your test sample.

The bottom line: Every sample is a life. Treating each and every diagnostic blood sample in that way humanizes each test result. This also helps to better illustrate the importance of limiting cross-contamination through innovative and repeatable proprietary probe technology within diagnostic instruments to improve both sample test accuracy and deliver consistent test outcomes.

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